Wednesday, April 25, 2012


"Lady, that is a tortilla. I don't want that."
Somewhere it is stated in our human-to-cat contract that all parts of my body, my possessions, my surfaces and food belong to Binx.

My other cat, K.C., doesn't really care about the world around her. She is the old lady of the house and goes about doing her own thing, avoiding me as best she can. She also tries to avoid Binx.

 Oh Binxsaurs.

Nothing is safe. Binx forces his way through any door he chooses whenever he deems appropriate. My bathroom and bedroom have folding doors that he has learned how to open. If these doors are locked or blocked he has taken to shoving his arms under the gap between the door and the floor and knocking it off its track. If that doesn't work, he stands on his back feet and paws at the door until he gets fed up and throws himself at it in hopes it will fly open.
Blankets he wasn't supposed to be on in a room he wasn't supposed to be in.

Recently, having never been a lap cat, Binx likes to claw his way into the bathroom and use my lap as a resting place. While this is somewhat sweet, I am kind of busy at the time. I attempted to block him from sitting on my lap and he jumped onto the counter and then onto my shoulders. This is now the norm.

Binx has never been short on affection but that affection was usually directed at my Dad and my dog. Both have passed and I think he found that I was the next best alternative. If sunspots near windows could pet and feed him, I think he would have gone in that direction instead.

My legs, depending on their position, are a pillow or sleeping surface. My arms are a wall to lean against and a place to rub his face. Any surface area that is large enough to hold him, is a bed, even when I am using it. I am his human and I belong to him.

I made space for him on my desk but he wanted to be closer and I was probably warmer.

Cat Butt
I woke him and told him he had to move.
Eventually he went back to sitting on the desk. Which, of course, belongs to him.


  1. Grumpycat sure looks comfy on those blankets he's not supposed to be on, in that room he's not supposed to be in.

    1. He gets super comfy. His favorite is the tan quilt. He thinks it was made for him.