Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cat

It must have been summer, probably 2000 or 2001 and my friend had one cat still looking for a home. He was the last of the litter that had possible been abandoned by the mother, I can't recall, and it really doesn't matter. Tara brought the cat over and handed it to my dad. The second the kitten started falling asleep on him, he was sold. Welcome to the family, new male cat.

When it came to naming him, I wanted something that fit his royal lineage, being an orange tabby, he clearly was descended from kings. I suggested Osiris. This, I was informed, was too close to Cyrus the Virus from Con Air, the movie with Nicholas Cage. I mentioned the name Binx, having intended to use the name on a black cat like in Hocus Pocus. After mentioning it, my father liked it and had agreed with himself that the new cat was Binx. Also, Binkers. And more recently, possibly as an error, my mother calls him Blinkers. My favorite is Binxsaurs and Binxasaurus Rex.

Sometimes he tolerates me.

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